Performance Fabrics

Life happens. Spills happen. Even sunshine happens.

First your 10-year-old, straight from the soccer field, props her muddy cleats on the ottoman. Then your little one falls asleep with a half-full juice box on the sofa.
By the end of the day, all you want to do is relax in your favorite armchair with a glass of wine. Red wine. Then the dog decides to join you. You know what comes next.

Kids, pets, food, drink, light – some of the best parts of life – can wreak havoc on upholstery fabrics. With today’s more relaxed lifestyles, we like to live in every room
of our homes. We appreciate fabrics that resist stains, resist fading and clean easily. Norwalk’s Performance Fabric Collection has more than 250 fabrics that have set
industry standards for durability, soil resistance, colorfastness and cleanability.


Norwalk Furniture partnered with three mills to add different varieties and grades of performance fabrics
to our line, each with slightly different attributes for various lifestyles.


Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills:

Solution-dyed acrylic fibers with internationally recognized lightfast qualities and easy cleanability make these fabrics particularly appropriate for sun rooms and heavily trafficked areas. Click here for more information

Crypton-protected Fabrics by Valdese Weavers:

In five patterns, each of which are available in up to 10 color ways, in a variety of constructions, these fabrics feature superlative cleanability. 
Click here for more information


Revolution Fabrics by STI Mills:

These starting grade fabrics include Olefin fiber in both the warp and weft of their construction, which make them easy to clean. They are perfectly suited to resist daily wear even in lighter toned color ways. Click here for more information

The best part about these fabrics is that they don’t have a stereotypical performance look or feel. Available in a myriad of colors, patterns and textures, each of these fabrics easily stands on its own with a gorgeous look and hand. As much as we love our beautifully furnished homes, we’re not going to stop eating strawberries just to prevent a few stains on the sofa cushions or close the draperies to maintain the color on the back of our chairs. But, if we can have the strawberries and the sunlight – and the beautiful upholstery – then that’s the best scenario of all.


Sunbrella ®

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021812 021820 021822 021837            
  • For additional Sunbrella fabrics, see a local retailer

Crypton ®

 499502  499511  499520  499528  499532  499539  499540  499701  499722  499727
 499737  499739  498302  498304  498311  498312  498313  498320  498327  498332
9M0301/leather 9M0302/leather 9M0319/leather 9M0322/leather 9M0335/leather 9M0337/leather 9M0338/leather 9M1117/leather 9M1217/leather 9M1236/leather
  • For additional Crypton fabrics, see a local retailer


 091802  091812  120301  120303  120317  120322  120337  120501  120503  120511
 120512  120522  120604  120611  120612  120636  120671      
  • For additional Revolution fabrics, see a local retailer