All Crypton Fabrics are PFAS-Free as of October 1, 2022

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All Crypton Fabrics are PFAS-Free as of October 1, 2022

November 3, 2022

What changed?

Crypton's team of research and development scientists continue to innovate and improve efficiencies in Crypton's core technologies.

  • All new Crypton fabrics (Crypton Home, Crypton contract fabrics, Nanotex) are PFAS-Free as of October 1, 2022
  • Tested and verified by third party testing method AATCC189
  • All Crypton fabrics continue to either meet or exceed rigorous standards
  • Hydrocarbon Side Chains are added to create repellency, mimicking the natural repellency and self-cleaning ability of leaves (biomimicry).
  • Partially sourced from renewable resources. (Around 40% content from renewable resources)
  • Achieving high-level fluorine-free performance required not only optimizing chemistry but also utilizing physics to create highly effective and permanent performance characteristics

How does the new PFAS-Free formulation perform?

  • It maintains the gold standard performance that has made Crypton a trusted name in the industry
  • All Crypton fabrics allow for removal of oil-based liquids and stains
  • Crypton pioneered the industry with trademarked "C-Zero technology," which has become a commonly used reference when speaking about fluorine-free fabrics
  • Our proprietary PFAS-Free technology has been available in successful C-Zero fabrics collections since 2018 (Mayer Fabrics, Momentum Textiles, Clek Car Seats)

What was Crypton's performance technology prior to October 1, 2022?

  • All Crypton fabrics were produced using 0.1% of fluorine or less
  • Fluorine is the only known natural element used for oil-repellency
  • Crypton has always pushed to stay ahead of the curve in evolving technology, using the least amount of chemistry possible, for the best possible performance benefits.
  • Blended in the USA with full compliance to Federal (EPA, OSHA) and state regulations

What makes Crypton different from other performance fabrics?

  • Team of in-house scientists constantly innovating and improving products, calibrating protection based on fiber content and texture for each fabric
  • 20+ years in the performance category

Crypton's Features and Benefits

  • Engineered to resist water & oil-based liquids and stains
  • Repels water-based liquids and stains
    Odor resistance
  • Maximum durability and abrasion resistance
  • Soft, beautiful, and perfectly suited for everyday living
  • Unmatched cleanability
  • PFAS-Free (Tested and verified in accordance with test method AATCC189)

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