How to Clean InsideOut Performance Fabrics

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How to Clean InsideOut Performance Fabrics

April 26, 2021

Life can be messy. Your fabric doesn't need to be!

Cleaning InsideOut Performance fabrics is easy and worry free!

One of our favorite mill resources has introduced a beautiful collection of “InsideOut” fabrics, whose light fastness, soil resistance, and broad range of designs make them real standouts in the “performance” category.

The All-In-One Performance Fabric Option

  • lnsideOut Performance Fabrics® can be easily cleaned with a soap+ water or a bleach+ water mixture and can withstand the use of common at-home disinfectant options.
  • Did you know that lnsideOut Performance Fabrics® has always been bleach safe and durable due to the state of the art yarn technology?
  • There is no need to purchase any special products. Common at-home cleaners and disinfectants such as Lysol® and Clorox® can be used without discoloring or degrading the fabric.
  • Proudly free of PFC chemicals, supporting a healthier and cleaner performance fabric option.  lnsideOut Performance Fabrics® are GreenGuard Gold Certified and offer the highest level of indoor air quality assurance. 

 View our InsideOut fabrics here >>

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